Firearm Rights Restoration

The right to own, possess, or control a firearm or ammunition is routinely taken away whenever someone is convicted of any felony, and even a number of misdemeanors. If your right to own, possess, or control firearms or ammunition has been revoked you may not own or purchase a firearm or ammunition, and you may even be found guilty of a felony offense just for being in a room that contains a firearm that belongs to someone else.

Fortunately, it is often possible to restore your right to possess a firearm, and doing so not only protects you from being prosecuted for illegally possessing a weapon, but can also allow you to obtain a concealed pistol license, and enjoy the same rights as someone who was never convicted of a criminal offense.

The process of restoring your rights can vary depending on which county we are working in, but usually takes approximately 2 to 3 months.



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The following are the basic eligibility requirements you will need to meet in order to restore your firearm rights following a criminal conviction:

1.  You may not have any criminal charges pending in Seattle,  the State of Washington, in any other State, or in any Federal Court.

2.  You must not be subject to a restraining order in Seattle, the State of Washington, in any other State, or in any Federal Court.

3. Your conviction must not have been a class A felony, or any other felony carrying a potential sentence of at least 20 years.

4. Your conviction must not have been for a felony sex offense.

5. You must have spent 5 years living in the community without being convicted of any new criminal offenses, or 3 years in the case that your rights were revoked because of a misdemeanor conviction.

6. You must not have a prior conviction that would have resulted in the loss of your right to possess firearms counted in your offender score.

7.  If your conviction was for a misdemeanor, you must have successfully completed every term and condition of each conviction.

 If you meet these requirements then you may qualify to have your firearm rights restored. The next step will be filing a petition with the court that revoked your firearm rights. The process varies from court to court and it is in your best interest to speak with an attorney who is experienced with restoring firearm rights in that court. At minimum the process will involve getting a full criminal background check, preparing and filing a motion and order, and getting a signed order from a judge. The process may involve dealing with the prosecuting attorney’s office, appearing in court to argue the merits of your motion, and potentially even appealing the courts decision.

Our attorneys regularly handle cases in every Washington County. We are frequently able to handle firearm right restoration petitions from start to finish without our clients ever needing to set foot in the courthouse.

Once your rights are restored, we ensure that the Washington Criminal History Repository and FBI are updated so that you will be able to clear a background check.

You can read the specific law regarding restoring firearm rights here:

RCW 9.41.040

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