Firearm Purchase Denials

In the event that you are inappropriately denied a firearm purchase by the FBI, we can assist you with appealing that denial, as a part of which we can help you set up a Voluntary Appeal File with the FBI NICS division in order to avoid any additional trouble in the future.

As a part of the appeal process you will most likely need to have your fingerprints taken, as the FBI often refuses to disclose the specific reason for a denial without a set fingerprints to confirm your identity. FBI Appeals can sometimes be resolved in a few weeks, but frequently take several months.


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Costs, timelines, and odds of success:

Cost: The price for our services in petitioning the court to restore your firearm rights will vary depending on which county we are working in, and the complexity of your case.  We almost always charge flat rate fees for restoring firearm rights, so you will know your total cost before you decide to hire us. Many courts also charge a filing fee of $240.00 for restoring firearm rights, which will be in addition to our fee, we will inform you if there will be a filing fee in your case before you hire us.=

Timeline: Most petitions to restore firearm rights can be resolved within 60 days,  depending on how backlogged the court is, and how much time it takes to gather the supporting evidence we require.

Odds of Success: The law regarding restoring firearm rights is very favorable in Washington State. The Court is essentially mandated to restore your firearm rights as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. As a result the odds of success are very good as long as you are eligible and your petition has been correctly drafted and defended.

​However, many judges and prosecutors are generally opposed to these motions and so we know that the stronger a case you put forward to the court, the more likely you will be to find success. We strive to assemble the strongest arguments for restoring your gun rights, as well as the best available supporting evidence. We also work with the prosecuting attorney’s office in an effort to gain their cooperation, as the support of the prosecutor can be a key factor in swaying a Judge.

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