Firearm Rights Attorneys

If you have been denied a firearm purchase, denied a concealed pistol license, or been informed by a court or law enforcement that you are not allowed to possess a firearm it may be possible to get your rights back, and we can help.

The firm of Findley & Rogers has been assisting people with getting their rights back and clearing their records since 2010. We work in and are familiar with courts all over the State of Washington. Whether your conviction was for a felony or a misdemeanor we know what you’ll need to do to get your rights restored.

This site is intended to provide a basic guide to give you an idea of what sort of requirements you’ll have to meet in order to restore your rights, and what the process will look like. However, there is no substitute for having an actual attorney review your records and discuss your situation with you personally.

We always offer free consultations, and often will be able to find and review your records at no cost to you.

We are also aware that restoring your rights isn’t always the end of the story. Having a court order saying your rights have been restored is great, but actually getting the Federal and State law enforcement agencies to acknowledge that your rights have been restored is better. For this reason we are well versed with appealing firearm purchase denials and concealed pistol license denials. We can also assist you with creating an FBI NICS division Voluntary Appeal File so that you don’t run into the same trouble over and over.

If you are ready to get your rights back please feel free to contact us at: